Weekend workshop for children:

Ad.dar holds workshops for children on Saturdays and Sundays. Through art, yoga, music, science games, and frequent field trips we seek to help Syrian refugee children regain what has been lost: a sense of community, imagination, and self-confidence. The freedom to just be a kid.


Weekday study for girls ages 10-15 years:

We hold classes during the weekdays for young girls who are not in school for various reasons. The girls study Turkish, English, Art, Arabic, Photography and Music.

Tutoring weekends:

we support these Syrian children and their families as they negotiate the challenges of adapting to a new culture, a new language and new neighborhoods and classrooms—our all-volunteer staff of Turkish tutors help these children integrate into their neighborhood schools by offering homework support and Turkish-language help on the weekends; these volunteers also mediate between the schools and the families whenever necessary.

Language courses:

We offer Turkish classes for level 1 and level 2, English classes- academic, conversational, beginners and TOEFL. Arabic classes for level 1 and level 2- our founder Mazen Rabia, a professor of Arabic at Koc University, teaches this course to anyone who would like to learn Arabic.

Turkish class for women:

Held in the neighborhood close to their homes we teach Turkish to women weekly.

In Other Words:

maryam innocents theives

In this workshop we are working on telling our stories through collage, drawing, words, paint. We are creating a visual story so that it can be “read” without a common language

Yoga, Salsa and Body Beats:

These classes are each held once a week- open to 15 years and up.

Discussion group for women- in Arabic:

A weekly meeting, all ages are welcome and all topics are open for discussion.

Book club for teens and young adult men- in Arabic:

A weekly meeting open to all, reading is chosen by the members of the group and a discussion follows.

We frequently host free concerts with Syrian musicians, Arabic choir, poetry readings, photography workshops, art workshops, musical workshops, writing workshops and film screening & discussion.